Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who We Are

The Washington Animal Watch team is a group of concerned citizens who love animals and want to keep our right to own them. We support animal welfare and good husbandry practices, and also the right of humans to own and use animals.

As animal rights activists and animal abolitionists gain influence, we are increasingly seeing laws passed that make it more difficult for people to own and use animals. If we do not work to remain aware and to fight these laws, our rights to have animals will continue to be eroded.

In our ideal world, all laws would be reasonable, and law enforcement and animal control would become involved only when they are truly needed. Cases of chronic and severe animal abuse and neglect would be adequately and quickly dealt with--first by the community offering help where possible, and then by law enforcement where needed. Breeders, farmers and animal owners who are not harming their animals would be left alone to run their hobbies or businesses and keep their pets; unmolested by activists who want to take their animals away.

We are always looking for tips, updates and information about laws and events affecting animals in Washington State and the USA. If you have a story or link to share, please drop us a note at

Our posts are based upon our own opinions and interpretations of laws and events, and should not be taken as legal or medical advice.

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